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What Do You REALLY Want?

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Have you ever struggled to get what you want in life?

Do you know what you REALLY want?

Maybe you want more meaningful relationships, a healthier lifestyle or more money. Maybe you want to do something that makes a difference in the world or learn a new skill or hobby.

Even if you know what you want… do you know how and why it’s relevant to you and why finding relevance matters?

You’ve tried everything you can think of to get what you want and It’s not as easy as other people make it seem.

You get overwhelmed and struggle with the process because it’s overly complicated and time consuming.

You listen to the wrong people and it destroys your confidence and motivation and you start thinking you don’t deserve what you want.

You start believing that you’re not good enough to get what you want and talk down to yourself and criticize yourself at every turn. Even worse, you start blaming other people when you don’t get what you want.

It feels like you’re running on a treadmill that never slows down and… it doesn’t matter how fast you go or how hard you try, you never get anywhere… right?

I get it! BUT…

It’s time to STOP making excuses and get serious about what you want!


  1. Take the time to properly identify what you really want
  2. Set your goals based on proven goal setting criteria
  3. Create a well-organized and strategic plan tailored to you
  4. Get motivated and take purpose driven action
  5. Be flexible and never give up especially when things get hard

Looking for help with this? Interested in surrounding yourself with an amazing group of like-minded people focused on achieving their goals? Are you ready to get serious about what you want in life?

Check out The Goals Are Cool Community!

The Goals Are Cool Community makes it fun and easy to find the right tools, resources and support in the right place at the right time to help you achieve your goals in both life and business.

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Are You Trapped In A Dark Hole?

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Any of this sound familiar?

You’ve worked hard to create a business fueled by your strongest passions in life. You take tremendous pride in the fact that every client you work with gets VIP treatment and they appreciate what you do for them. That said, while the business is doing ok it could be doing much better… right? The business is not growing fast enough and you’re starting to lose focus. To make things worse, you’re frantically searching for ways to attract even more happy clients on a daily basis and it’s stressing you out.
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Facebook Advertising Results – AYGC Campaign

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Over this past weekend, I decided to run a Facebook Ad campaign for The Achieve Your Goal Challenge. In case your wondering, The Achieve Your Goal Challenge is a course I created that helps Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Teachers, Consultants, Authors, Speakers or anyone who’s self-employed and needs help learning how to create a well-organized and strategic plan so they can achieve their goals and FINALLY get what they want in life.
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Goals For Blake Update – May 2016

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This is the second official update in the Goals For Blake series. Currently, there are a total of 14 goals with the following status updates:

  • Achieved – 12
  • Completed – 1
  • On Track – 0
  • Off Track – 1

All current goals align with the following types:

  • Short-Term – 14
  • Intermediate – 0
  • Long-Term – 0

All current goals align with the following categories:

  • Business – 2
  • Health – 5
  • Skill-Set –
  • Personal Development – 5
  • Productivity – 2

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Ellen Bard Testimonial

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“Blake is committed to helping his readers achieve their goals, and through Goals Are Cool, provides many clear resources to enable people to do just that. His business experience gives him a solid foundation to work with, and he lives his own advice, sharing his experience in what does and doesn’t work for him in hitting goals, as well as gathering input from all kinds of experts in his podcast.” – Ellen Bard 

Ellen’s Website: http://ellenbard.com/

My interview with Ellen: https://www.goalsarecool.com/ellen-bard-helping-us-to-grow-develop-and-shine/